Venture with me the world of Cambolite

Mining Experience

Cambolite @ Blue Zircon of Mining Expedition in Cambodia

All praise to God

Little info about me

Hello there,

My name is Noor Mohamed (Gemologist, GIA) also known as HAJAA, I have been basically doing wholesale transaction with Gemstone dealers, famous Designers, very fine jewelers, manufacturers and Gems TV network. Mostly is USA.

            I am specialized in variety of exotics colored gemstone. Now in my website, I want to promote Cambolite @ BLUE ZIRCON which only can be found in Cambodia. I have a special relationship with the miners since 2011 and i am getting the finest material since then.

Many of my clients finds, that my HAND is good.They made beautiful Jewelry or sell it as it is. And makes HAPPY money, that's why they keep on coming back to me. As I said earlier, All Praise to GOD ALL MIGHTY. Why don't you check it out!!!

            So from now on, when you think of Cambolite @ BLUE ZIRCON, think of me. Feel free to contact me. I will be adding more variety of gemstone later on. Bye.


Best way to reached me or

+1 2132601609 (whatsapp)


I am a Malaysian and i live in Malaysia. My company is based in Malaysia 

Courtesy of Vincent Pardieu

Sky View of the Mining