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About Us

Hello there,

My name is Noor Mohamed (GG), I have been basically doing wholesale transaction to Gemstone dealers, famous Designers, very fine jewelers, manufacturers and TV network gem company. Mostly is USA. That’s why I wasn’t able to make much retail listing in my website. But now I am getting there now.

            I am specialized in variety of exotics colored gemstone. Now in my website, I want start marketing BLUE ZIRCON which only can be found in Cambodia. I have a special relationship with the miners, where I have to buy their whole production every 3 months. So most of the finest blue zircon that are in USA, were have to came thru me. This agreement has been going on since the year 2011.

            So from now on, when you think of BLUE ZIRCON, think of me. Feel free to contact me. I will be adding more variety of gemstone later on. Bye.


Best way to reached me or +1 2132601609