Venture with me the world of Cambolite

Mining Experience

Cambolite @ Blue Zircon of Mining Expedition in Cambodia

All praise to God

Little info about me

Hello there,

My name is Noor Mohamed (GG) also known as HAJAA, I have been basically doing wholesale transaction with Gemstone dealers, famous Designers, very fine jewelers, manufacturers and Gems TV network. Mostly is USA.

            I am specialized in variety of exotics colored gemstone. Now in my website, I want tp promote Cambolite @ BLUE ZIRCON which only can be found in Cambodia. I have a special relationship with the miners since 2011 and i am getting the finest material since then.

            So from now on, when you think of Cambolite @ BLUE ZIRCON, think of me. Feel free to contact me. I will be adding more variety of gemstone later on. Bye.


Best way to reached me or

+1 2132601609 (whatsapp)