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Blue Zircon, diffused. Be careful.

Posted by noor mohamed on

Be careful, Diffused Blue Zircon are in the market!!!

I’m really worried about the market situation. I’m not worry about me, but I’m worried about the jewelry manufacturer. They always look for good product for lesser price. That is nothing wrong with that. But when they start using this diffused material which is not stable, which means the color will become 50% lighter after some time.  They will start getting complain from their retailers and consumers.

Last week, I visited one of my regular manufacturer client and he asked me that “why are you charging more money when I can get 1/3 the price you are asking from dealers in Tucson show 2017.” I requested him to show me the materials. He showed to me hundreds of carat in celebration size with amazing deep of blue color in it. As I go thru materials, I recognized the materials, It was from one of my supplier in Cambodia. But the truth is when this manufacturer sell this material in Thailand market, it is lighter color material and celebration sizes. I believe here is the where the material when wrong. After he sells it in Thailand market, that 2nd party uses the dying chemical which available in Thailand to diffused. He is the black sheep. For the price he is offering in USA market, he can easily sell in Thailand market. But he did not, just selling it in international market. He will get caught if he sells it in Thailand. Thai people are very experience in the material.            

Diffusing process   

I did heard about this activities going on in the market 2 years ago. But I never seen the materials that time. Now I have seen it and its my duty to bring to everyone attention.

My suggestion to everyone is, to buy the blue zircon from reputable company who can guarantee you that the material they are supplying is not diffused, only normal heat process.

Have a wonderful year and thank you for time.


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